Since the day we're born, we are consumers of skincare products. First thought of "skin care" is cleansing. First you must cleanse the skin of any dirt, environmental elements. These elements do a lot of wear and tear to our skin. Men, women and child. It's something that's widely used across the world. But the most common ingredients in most soaps are Palm Oil and Coconut Oil. These two oil when used in large amounts, increase the cleansing properties of our cleansers, stripping the skin dry from it's natural oils and rank a bad score in Non-Comedigenic Oils. These two oils are 95% the only two oils used in our soaps and cleansers.




Boom. Now  your washing your hands, body and face with these harsh soap that dry the skin out immensely overtime. There are thousands of naturally grown herbs, botanicals, foods, and plant based oils other than the two just discussed that provide TONS of benefits, that can nourish, heal and improved the skins behavior and appearance. 


So find a product that's Palm Oil & Coconut Oil Free (Tree Nut Oils)? Along with organic, toxin free, preservative-free, derivative-free and fragrance free? 


There's very few in the market. This doesn't help those with sensitive skin, it dries out normal skin, and over dries oily skin. Kimberly Waldropt created  TERRA•TORY. A small soap company, est.2017, performed by two-hands and one-heart in Long Island, NY. Every item has been designed, packaged and delivered by this one-woman operation. Kimberly Waldropt's main goal is to creative all products using ingredient you can pronounce, and grow in your own backyard. All our products, signature scents are made from ingredients you can pronounce. 

 TERRA•TORY is 100% natural, handmade, hypoallergenic, Palm Oil-Free, Coconut Oil-Free & Cruelty-Free.