Brooklyn Owned Recycle & Redemption Center

Updated: Feb 7

I’ve always heard the term “Commercial Recycling” or “Close Loop Recycling” and was intrigued by how it worked. I took a trip to Atlantic Recycling and Redemption Inc in East New York where April, one of the workers, gave me a tour and answered some questions for me. Commercial/Corporate Recycling is a business, like this one, where brands like Essentia, Poland Spring, Heineken, Corona, Coco-Cola etc, buy back their bottles, cans, glass (or wood/cardboard depending on the place). The bottles are collected either by smaller companies or restaurants that sell to Atlantic R&R Inc. The workers here then sort and separate everything by material then brand category. In some of the shots, you’ll see each bag is primarily filled with their particular brands.

Once they buy back their bottles, they send the bottles back to their respected corporate recycling plants to break the bottles down into plastic pellets and resins to be made back into plastic bottles again. Each bottle cost 5 cents give or take so the site has to collect enough for those pennies to add up. This site hold about roughly $8k-$15k of plastic/glass/cans week.

The more we recycle, the easier it is for corporate companies to buy back their packaging, to reuse it. But it starts with the community. As long as our waste gets recycled or even sent to these facilities like , it’s the conscious decision of taking that first step of accountability in a more cleaner environment. - Kimberly Waldropt, Founder, CEO of TERRA-TORY

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