Best Soap For Eczema and Scarring

Updated: Feb 25

Suffer from eczema and eczema scarring? The embarrassing patches of skin and dark spots is something you want to get rid of by the summer to show of that beautiful skin. The key to stop the scarring is to stop itching but that's almost nearly impossible to do. Eczema (a form of atopic dermatitis) is the result to an overreacting immune system. Some would recommend exfoliating but with eczema skin, you don't want to break the skin. Most soaps that contain harsh cleansing oils, detergents, fragrance and artificial ingredients tend to make this issue worse. Here are the some bars that MAY help with the both itching and the scarring, and why.

Disclaimer: "A healthy diet = A healthy immune system = Healthy Skin" -CEO & Founder of TERRA-TORY, Kim

The base of all our soaps are sun infused with Calendula. That's the "Golden Child" of our operation. Before we combine our base oil into soap, we infuse our oils with this skin healing herb that is loaded with Vitamin C, helps heal almost all dermatitis by stimulating the production of collagen which assists in the healing process.

Fresh Seamoss

Add Seamoss to your skincare regimen. Whether it be a pure Seamoss face mask, a hair or body clay mask, in soap. For burns, Seamoss can help your skin recover from damage. After all, Seamoss is a natural collagen and its minerals are easily absorbed into the skin, your largest organ, and revitalizes what has been missed over time.

Sea Moss also has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral and anticoagulant activities. Also used to soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and burns. ... Irish moss can help to rehydrate dry skin, and leave it feeling smooth and supple. Sea moss contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, calcium, iron, selenium, and folates.

Nourishing Turmeric + Milk Bar

Turmeric is an anti-inflammitory and obtains bactericidal properties. The yellow pigment known as Curcumin

present in Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent remedy to inhibit the release and production of leukotrienes and other mediators that are inflammatory and helps in removing the toxins from the body that cause eczema and other skin disorders.

With all that said what does that have to do with scarring? Great question. Turmeric has amazing skin brightening abilities and its the #1 go-to "all natural" ingredient in our pantry to target scarring from eczema and acne. But don't be so quick to jump the gun and say that Turmeric is the remedy for you. Give it a try because what works for you, may not work for someone else. With Turmeric, always test on a small portion of the skin before applying it all over the face or using any Turmeric soap bar.

Coconut "Milk" rather than Coconut "Oil" has been the game changer for this bar. Coconut milk provides overall nourishment to the body and hair. Being rich in essential nutrients, coconut milk can nourish your scalp and feed your hair follicles efficiently. It also keeps the skin soft and hydrated, which prevents the formation of patchy skin by regulating dryness, flakiness, etc.

Fresh Carrot +Turmeric Cube

Since we got through the "Turmeric Talk", let's talk about another great ingredient that makes a huge difference in eczema management.

Carrots are a healthy additive to a salad, smoothie or a healthy snack that have been told by our parents to eat so we can "good eye-sight". While all this is true, carrots have has amazing benefits that contribute to skincare and wellness all together. Eating carrots are a great way to combat eczema as well as using it on the skin. This bar has been know to bring relief from chronic itching caused by eczema, psoriasis, rashes and general skin irritation.

Honey which is a natural humectant that holds anti-bacterial, anti fungal, and antiseptic properties. It's one of the most natural, controversial and ancient ingredients known to soothe dermatitis and overall skincare targeting dryness.

...then Oats...which brings us to our next bar...

Gentle Baby Oats Cube

Oatmeal soap has been a staple for families for centuries of generations. A good old fashion oatmeal bar is the first thing that comes to mind when managing eczema. When used regularly, it can help soothe diaper rash, sun burn, eczema and acne.

You probably know that oatmeal's a fiber-rich superfood that does an all-star job of sopping up cholesterol and speeding it out of the body. But do you also know that its grainy little flakes perform mini miracles when applied to skin? Oatmeal whisks away dead cells, irritation, and redness, leaving a soft, moist glow behind.

While this could be news to you, oatmeal's long been a staple among skin pros—even ancient ones. Its skin-soothing powers were known as early as 2000 BC, and to this day, the FDA cites it as effective for relieving dryness and inflammation, including insect stings, rashes, and eczema. That's why finely powdered ("colloidal") oatmeal is sifted into soothing body soaks, moisturizers, and soaps. (Pulverizing the oats into powder makes it easier to disperse their healing goodness—and in soaks it keeps them from collecting in the bottom of the tub.)

"There are four reasons why your skin adores oatmeal," explains New York City dermatologist Amy Wechsler, MD:

1. Dryness fighting: Oats contain polysaccharides, which become gelatinous in water and leave a fine protective film on the skin, preventing dull, flaky dryness.

2. Moisturizing: Oats are full of healthy, lubricating fats.

3. Defense building: The proteins in oatmeal help maintain the skin's natural barrier function, which ensures that the world outside the skin stays out, and what's inside the skin stays in.

4. Pore cleansing: Oats are filled with natural cleansers (called saponins) that gently remove dirt and oil from the pores.

Moisturizing afterwards is always key.
Our Multi-Purpose Body Butter is the best way to seal in the nutrients from your shower. It's so important to seal in the moisture after a soothing the irritation from scratching the skin.

Try not to wait too long to moisturize after a shower. It's better to apply on damp (not wet) skin. The skin is still vulnerable and flexible enough to absorb even more of the body butter. Its fluffy light weight texture is great for massaging into the skin without feeling too sticky/tacky/or oily (however, our body butter base is raw African shea butter, it's still oil). Massaging the skin can assist with blood circulation, and it just feels good LOL.

Our Calm "Tranquility Body" has Lavender Essential Oil, known to help soothe irritated skin; Tea Tree to help fight off any existing bacteria and Hempseed Oil which contain Omega 3's and 6's and other amazing skin healing oils that help eczema management. We recommend applying to affected area 3x a day for eczema skin.

But this is all ways you can deal with eczema from the outside. But your health comes first. The foods you eat are the real medicine. Eating right, cleansing/detoxing , staying hydrated are always going to be my rule of thumb.

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