Hyperpigmentation/Razor Bumps, Burns Tips for POC

Updated: Feb 25

Many of us shave, we have hair. Especially being a person of color, we have THICK, curly hair. Sometimes we can't always make time to run to the barber shop or wax salon to remove unwanted strands on our bodies. So the quickest way to remove that issue is to DUN DUN DUUNNNN.......shave. The word we're told in our adult life we shouldn't do, because it causes embarrassing razor bumps and discoloration. As a POC, I can definitely relate to the frustration of an itchy crotch after a fresh shave. My boyfriend constantly scratching and itching is face after being at the barber shop. He looks good now but I know in a few hours he'll be scratching his neck area, then before you know it, I'll be in his face for hours with a tweezer pulling out the most satisfying ingrown hair for the week.

So with some research and some experimentation of my own, I've come up with some tips that deem actual results for the ingrown hair and hyperpigmentation issue.

1. Stop Using Nickel Razors

Its easy to run to your corner store, general story or supermarket to pick up a cheap pack of razors but here's the bad news. Those razors are made with Nickel. Ok...nickel...so what? Well, you may have an underlying nickel allergy you haven't addressed. Sometimes, the metal around the blade can comprise pure nickel, and that in itself can cause extreme irritation. That itchy burning feeling you get after a fresh shave, well it's most likely caused from the nickel content in your razors. So ladies, quit shaving your lady bits and fellas, stop shaving your face with those cheap razors.

If waxing isn't an option, here are some Nickel-Free Razor options.

The Rose Gold Single-Blade Razor by Oui $75

Flamingo Razor $9

The Truman by Harry's $9

Billie Starter Kit $9

These are just to name a few. Your welcome! :)

2. Exfoliate!!!

Now, I'm not saying go balls to the wall and start taking a cheese grater to the face every single day. Your skin needs time to each in between each exfoliation. Think about it, each time your exfoliate, your exposing fresh new SENSITIVE skin into the environment around you. So don't over do it. But, its always always always a good habit to gently exfoliate. That goes for men who are ingrown prone as well! Best practice is to exfoliate before shaving, rather than after. That's because, as Gallo explains, “Exfoliating removes dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, which keeps your skin clean, unclogs your pores and helps you achieve a closer shave." See our New Exfoliating Gloves here or here. Use exfoliating gloves or any gentle exfoliating tool just 1-3x a week in the effected area, and you will for sure see an improvement in your skin's appearance.

3. Moisturize Daily, especially after a shave (or wax).

Think about it like this...you've technically just scraped away a layer of your skin, now your new skin is exposed to the cold, brisk winter air and you left it hanging out to dry...that's a damn shame... so, LUBE IT UP!

Keep that beard, or kitty moisturized with a balm or a body butter to protect your new skin from drying out and itching like crazy. Fellas, stay away from "after shave" it contains too much alcohol. That's the number 1 culprit to drying out your skin causing immediate ingrown and darkening of the skin. Our Multi-Purpose Body Butter is just fine ;) or any unscented alcohol-free moisturizer will do.

4. Use a Natural Soap Bar instead of shaving cream.

You can't deny the slippery slip of a good soap bar, especially ours. The lubrication is unmatched. The plant based oils that are used like Hempseed and Avocado Oil that are rich in fatty acids can be added back into your skin regimen rather that layer of skin been removed. If you've never shaved (any body part) with a TERRA-TORY Bar, then what the hell are you waiting for?

Also, try your best not scratch. Your hands are filthy, then you touch your face, or affected area, then it all goes down hill from here. Follow these simple 4 steps and see in a difference in a few weeks.

Remember To:

1. Use Nickel-Free Razors.

2. Exfoliate BEFORE you shave or wax.

3. Alcohol-Free Moisturize Daily.

4. Use Natural Soap to shave.

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