Nutrition + Eczema Management w/ our Founder, Kim.

Updated: Feb 7

I take my nutrition quite seriously. I believe food is medicine and the healer of all ailments. Especially for my skin. I've tried many different diets, workouts, cleanses, supplements; you name it, I've tried it. But aside from exercising on a weekly basis, the one thing I found to be the most effective and beneficial to my life is NUTRITION.

It's 75% of your fitness results, and for me, it played an enormous effect on my eczema management. I used to be vegan, (yes, I still eat chicken, but that's as far as it goes) but as far as my fitness journey was concerned, I added fish, chicken and turkey (lean proteins) back into my diet after learning how to pair my foods together better. I've been happy with the results thus far.

Shopping in the produce aisle is imperative. Instead of buying vitamins, that I'll most likely forget to take, getting your daily vitamins through foods is now a healthy habit I bring up in discussion all the time with friends and family.

That also goes for how I choose the best produce ingredients for my skincare products. The foods that have done me justice in my eczema journey, I use in my soap. I believe if it heals me from the inside, it will heal me on the outside.

Food has always been the bonding aspect in my household. My family loves food. We love eating together. My mom is a world class chef (in my house). Our fav place in the house is the kitchen. We love trying new foods/ingredients. Every other Sunday my mom hosts a dinner in our home and she invites our close knit friends and family to sit down and eat and laugh together.

My favorite moments at home.

Coconut Milk is my mom's favorite ingredient to use. We literally put it in everything; smoothies, oats, drinks, cooked dishes, alcohol! It's so rich, and I LOVE a good 'healthy fat'.

I love using skin loving fruits and veggies in my products because adds extra nutrition to our skincare routine, that deems amazing results. My coconut oil-free formulation, hushes my eczema making it easier to manage and I want to share that with folks with the same problem. I've helped many people with their sensitive skin issues and I want to keep educating the masses about using better quality products on their skin, rather than what we are conditioned to purchase.

We get out, what we put in AND on our bodies.

It's better on your pockets too! Why take the same topical medication/OTC products that temporarily fixes the issue? Just to go back and spend more and more and more, only deeming none or even worse results.

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