A daily skin moisturizer is infused with Calendula and Lavender botanicals to speed up skin cell rejuvenation, to heal you up in godspeed.


How To Use: After showering or bathing with any of our TERRA-TORY Soap bars, while skin a still damp, seal in the moisture by rubbing it togething in your hands, then smoothing it everywhere on your body.


For Eczema Management: Rub a generous amount on the effected area 3x's a day.


A light winter facial moisturizer:  Don't worry, there's NO COCONUT OIL to cause any break outs. Take a half a dime size and massage into clean, damp face with clean hands.


Shaving Cream: Instead of using shaving cream, that WILL dry your skin out, use our TERRA-TORY Butter to give you the smoothest shave ever. Damp your legs or shaving area with water, take a dollop of body butter, and smooth it over the legs, shave responsibly. Rinse or Wipe off with a warm damp sponge or wash cloth. Great for any shaving area, for men and women.


Bites, Cuts and Burns: After the area is cleaned, keep it moist with our butter. This will seal and protect your skin from intruders and bacteria.


After Tattoo Care: Fresh Ink need some extra TLC instead of using petroleum based creams, use a much as you need to coat your new masterpiece. Cleanse with a TERRA-TORY soap bar then follow up with our whipped smooth Calm Tranquility OR Energy Burst butter.


Beard Butter:  Yep, we can help with that thick full shiny beard. Our blend of Sea Buckthorn, Hempseed and Avocado oils are gentle enough for the face and nourish for facial hair.


Have Dry Scalp & Hair? Works as a great hair mask or if your ALL NATURAL, spray your hair damp, take a dime size of our butter, and smooth into hair from scalp to tips. Try it in a two-strand-twist style too!


Calm Tranqility Multi-Purpose Butter

  • Coconut Oil-Free, Hypoallergenic, soothes and moisturizes all skin types for men, woman and child. Using Sea Buckthorn Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Raw Shea Butter, Hemp Oil and non-comedogenic oils like Rice Bran Oil, we infursed powerful bontanicals like Calendula, Lavender Buds to help soothe skin ailments like redness, itchy, flakey skin caused by Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis, or over-all sensitive skin. Great morning rush start! A little goes a long way to seal in the silky moisture after an invigorating body scrub, shower, bath, or shave. 


    Uses: Full Body, Heels, Rough/Dry patches, Hands, Face, Hair 

  • Ingredients : Unrefined (RAW) Shea Butter, Calendula & Infused Rice Bran Oil, Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), TT Signature EO Blend

    Energy Burst = Lemongrass Blend

    Calm Tranqulity = Lavender Blend

    EO = "Essential Oil"


    This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


How to care

for your


Use your soap within 6 months. There are NO preservatives, so use within 6-12 months.

Store your soap on a “self draining” soap dish. Allowing the soap the dry after each use maximizes its life. 

Keep your unused soap in a cool, dry area. Humidity may cause your soap to “sweat”, but it’s still totally usable!




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