Ugly Bars + Half Wits

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$9.00Sale Price

Unfortunately these bars couldnt sit a cool kids table. But don't judge a book by its cover. 


These bars are made just the same as all our bars. Keeping the ingredients and quality exact, they lather and clean like a dream. They are absolutely safe to use with the expection of how they look, offered to you at a discounted price.


If your not picky about which bar you get, this is perfect for you!


All 'Ugly Bars' my vary in soap type.

Each "Half Wit" will vary in size and shape.


How to care for your

TERRA-TORY soap cube

Use your soap within 6 months. There are NO preservatives, so use within 6-12 months.

Store your soap on a “self draining” soap dish. Allowing the soap the dry after each use maximizes its life. 

Keep your unused soap in a cool, dry area. Humidity may cause your soap to “sweat”, but it’s still totally usable!




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