Gentle Baby Oatmeal Cube

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Gentle Baby Oatmeal Cube

  • The Eczema Starter Kit. Mom's love this unscented bar for their little one's who suffer from eczema and irritated skin.

    Our Gentle Baby Oatmeal Bars are loaded with

    Oatmeal (it wouldn’t be an Oatmeal Bar without it

    Calendula petals (loaded with Vitamin C) to help soothe eczema or irritated skin

    Coconut Milk, for extra creamy moisturizing lather and fatty acids

    Lavender Buds to soothe and calm the skin


    This will bring any lifeless, irritated skin, back to life, without drying it out, but leaving some of those amazing oils, butters and yummy skin goodness behind.

  • Calendula infused Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Neem Oil, Castor Oil Neem Oil, Coconut Milk, Collidal + Whole Oatmeal

    This bar is UNSCENTED. NO Essential Oils have been added.


How to care for your

TERRA-TORY soap cube

Use your soap within 6 months. There are NO preservatives, so use within 6-12 months.

Store your soap on a “self draining” soap dish. Allowing the soap the dry after each use maximizes its life. 

Keep your unused soap in a cool, dry area. Humidity may cause your soap to “sweat”, but it’s still totally usable!