a Candle Company


Thirty sumn year old mom I’m a lover of people, music and food. I’ve always ventured into different industries and started many businesses but spent most of my career in the hospitality industry, which I love! It’s important for me to give, be it an experience, advice, physical assistance, it gives me great joy to be able to help someone else. In 2018 I launched, what was my 3rd small business, and decided that I would gift each new client a candle. I reached out to a few candle makers, all who either could not fulfill my order, or failed to communicate.. I said to myself “I can do this shit myself!” That frustration birthed Sleight Candle co. Candles are hella common, you can get them anywhere! When you begin to dig into the process of making them, you learn that not every candle is good. They can be toxic, whether they’re lit, or simply sitting on a shelf as decor. So it was important to create a product that was mindful, and intentional.


For me candles, are more than a burning fragrance, or a tone setter. Candles are therapeutic. They remind you of home, a moment in time, a person— or they create an atmosphere of what you desire. And that’s my inspiration! It’s, not always beight where I’ve wanted to be, Not take out time for myself- for my, they’re subtle reminders,to set time aside for you, (Don’t forget you) get to know you better from stillness. What I’ve learned, is that at any moment, we can start over. We create our destination. And at any moment, we can create a clean sleight. You have the right to create your atmosphere. Take where you are; and make it where you want to be. 


   I’ve always been a lover of clean & luxurious fragrances and perfumes. It’s a great pleasure to be able to create this collection and share it with you!